Brave rewards refuse to reflect in my account upon re downloading brave browser. Brave rewards have disappeared and am starting all over

Hello, I did use brave browser and earned brave rewards. Now am downloading the brave app with same user ID (email address) and can’t find my already earned brave rewards.

Once you uninstall, the BAT you’ve till then would disappear. if you haven’t connected to wallets like gemini, the entire BAT from previous months also would go boom.


Brave doesn’t have accounts. Everything is “client side,” meaning it’s all in your browser. The exception to this is if you verify with Uphold or Gemini and the BAT was sent there after the pay period.

If you are unverified and you deleted/uninstalled your Brave browser, then you’re throwing out all the BAT and other details as well.

Same philosophy for your passwords, bookmarks, etc. If you have it synced with a second device, then info might be saved from there. But otherwise, if you don’t Export that information then it will be lose forever when you Clear Data, Uninstall, Factory Reset, Format, etc.

Bookmarks currently can’t be exported on Android for some reason. So only way Bookmarks are safe is if you have it synced to another device.

seems like instead of adding on functions, nowadays Brave just reduces its utility. Don’t know why

Tbh, it’s been like that for a long time. I forget if Chrome is that way as well. I just know it irritated the heck out of me a long time ago. You’d think that this would be added, but just hasn’t happened. Guess it’s seen as a lower priority.

Only developer I know of for Android is @Serg and I’m not sure if he’d be able to give any insight as to why can’t import/export bookmarks on Android or if it’s even something they are looking to add.

we are going to work on bookmarks import/export it in 2023 The spec is mostly done.

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