BAT disappeared after uninstalling brave browser

Recently I started using brave browser.I after few days I got 4 BAT token.But the was having some issues so I reinstalled the app.After that my 4 BAT tokens are gone!!!so what should I do in order to get back my tokens?? please help me!!

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On desktop or Android, @Asad0?

I am using the android version

I am having the same problem with my phone!! Can you fix this problem?

@Asad0 @Raiyan then, I can say it’s an “expected” behavior. When you uninstall Brave for Android, it’ll also delete all it’s data, including the Rewards data.

For now, Brave Rewards for Android have no “backup keys” feature, so I think you ‘lost’ your BAT.

You can keep an eye for notification on your Brave for another grant.

Apologize for the inconveniences.

I have having the same problem but on the desktop version.
But i did not reinstall, just went home for the weekend and came back to no BAT. Sync settings are still the same, bookmarks are all still there, just no BAT. I had almost 1 USD worth of BAT.

any suggestions? @eljuno

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