Brave Rewards on Smartphone

Bit of a moan and mistake on my part but still feel aggrieved that there isn’t a solution for this. I’ve seen multiple posts on this same issue from other unfortunate Brave Rewards users.

So here’s my sin: I went to remove a bookmark from my phone’s home-screen, instead of just removing it, I clicked ‘uninstall’ - this uninstalled Brave Browser.

I had Brave Browser on my Android for a couple of years and accrued approx $25. As you’ll be aware, there was no way to withdraw this amount to my Uphold Wallet and I was dutifully clicking all the ads I could, in hope of an eventual release allowing the withdrawal of funds on Android.

Unfortunately, upon re-installing Brave Browser, I’ve lost all my funds and there appears to be no way to retrieve them. I’ll continue to use Brave Browser on my work desktop, but for my phone, I’m uninstalled for good.

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That’s sad…even when the mobile wallet comes to work I hope we’ll have enough support to attend to the problems :roll_eyes:


Lost BAT isn’t just a problem of accidentally uninstalling Brave or replacing your phone. I’ve lost about 125 BAT after updating the Brave browser on my LG V35 Android 9 phone. I can see all of the deposits, in the rewards history w/ no other transactions. And no, these were not grants.
I’ve disabled Brave rewards on all of my mobile devices until they address the mobile wallet situation.