Earned BAT and wallet

I had tinkered with the browser without any wallet and uninstalled it during my testing. So all the BAT earned would be completely gone, right?

Also, would earned BAT go into the Brave wallet, or will I need to setup another like Uphold?

Galaxy S21, Android 11
Brave 1.38.109
Brave Wallet setup
Uphold not setup

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did you deleted the user data from your pc?

for the brave rewards it is necesary to have Uphold/gemini ( there’s other for people form japan but I don’t remember it’s name atm)

currently brave rewards wallet and “brave wallet” are not compatible as far aas I know


I installed/removed from phone.

I’ll try to setup the Uphold wallet.

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right, right, your post said it was an android device, my bad :sweat_smile:, in that case I think the Bat were lost


No problem lol

I was thinking they would be gone.

I think it’ll be cool if the browser can be configured to use any wallet.


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