Brave Rewards Not received May 2021

I have not received rewards for May 2021. In browser, i have pending BAT but no payment in Uphold. My account is verified.

Thanks to help me !

No issue send image to screen I tell about that how received bat

Please search and read before posting.

First, this post has not been answered since April 14 … as many problems I have the impression …

Secondly, why put the complete payment statuses when there is actually a lot of payment problem? View here : May 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status

Third, I sent private messages to support, no response as well…

So if I have to post a new message every day to get an answer, that’s what I’ll do!

I have not been paid 9 months out of the last 11. I have an outstanding ticket open with support AND June has come and gone. My June statement now says 0 ads viewed and 0 Bat.

Add June the list of months that I have not properly been paid.

There is a significant problem here that they are not addressing.

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