BAT rewards didn't show up for May or June

BAT rewards did not show up for May or June 2023. The browser message says your reward have arrived. My wallet is verified and connected.

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That message is generic and doesn’t track real time since payments are direct payments now.
Payments are still processing.

I will suggest waiting till payments have completed. If you still don’t receive them, ping here.

July 19th status says payouts complete. I still don’t have rewards from May or June.

@dsosax submit a Rewards Support Ticket at so someone from Brave can look into it. They ask for the ticket because it helps make sure you don’t get lost as they help people,. but also because they’ll need some additional info that shouldn’t be shared publicly.

Bonjour, je reçoie depuis quelques mois beaucoup moins de BAT sur Uphold que ce que ma page d’accueil m’indique.
Un exemple : J’en avais 17 en juin, pour en recevoir 10…
Merci de bien vouloir faire corriger ce bug.

Soy de Colombia. La sesión entre Brave y Uphold fue cerrada en mayo de 2023, desde entonces no recibo las recompensas, aún cuando Brave notifica que estás ya fueron transferidas a Uphold.

Generé dos casos en soporte Brave y no obtengo respuesta. Agradezco su ayuda.

Mensaje de error al conectar Brave con Uphold.

Like OP’s issue, I also have been fruitlessly awaiting for my missing BAT rewards since May 2023 but I still have NOT received any of my earned BAT tokens. Everytime the 7th/8th of every month comes, the browser message says “my reward have arrived” but my BAT wallet balance remains the same. Keep in mind my wallet is verified and connected. I have tried to contact support but I did not receive any help so far.

Its now August and I still have NOT received my June, July BAT rewards

Pls help me ASAP. I need my BAT rewards tokens in a short notice

Thank you


Posible solución. Cuenta verificada y desconectada. Las recompensas no llegan a UpHold

Please see PSA: Flagged accounts issue (August 2023 update)

If you are still having issues, create a Rewards Support Ticket at

If you made a ticket and have not yet received a response, you may need to be patient. If been more than 7 business days (means weekends don’t count), then create a topic and provide your ticket number. Support can take a look to make sure it’s not being missed.