Brave rewards not increasing despite seeing

hello brave community i am reciving ads but rewards are not increasing any fix??

is your browser up to date?

sponsored images or notification ads?

are you using a vpn?

yeah up to date and not using vpn
both notification ads and sponsored ads are working just brave rewards are not increasing and today was day of payout i did’t recieved payout and date changed to 6 june

mmm, try clearing the browser cache with cclearner or similar programs, also the payments are still processing if your wallet is verified you will not get a claim option but the bat will be sent directly to your uphold wallet

i cleared cache but still not increasing yeah i have verified wallet connected to it no need to worry about that
actually i was working and i recieved good amount of ads both sponsored and notification and reached to 4.5 bat then i closed my browser and went to sleep after some time i started working again and i saw just 3.5 bat and after that new ads not increasing my brave rewards i hope you will fix it

I’m just a normal user – with too much free time – I don’t have any kind of power here to do that

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