I have not received my payout - and am no longer receiving ads

I did not receive my payout of brave rewards, even though I meet all the criteria and the payouts were said to be completed. Additionally, it says my next payout is June 5th, which I find strange since it should probably be April. I have also not received any ads this month. Can anyone help with these issues?

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Hi, @TheChase, this post by Support…

…has instructions on what you should do. Make sure you read it carefully.

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I already did this, but I have gotten no response from Steeven do im looking for other solutions

It’s going to take more than a few days to hear back on something, as there are others with this and other issues being assisted, as well.

If you want to check in on the progress, make sure to use the same DM thread you sent your info to him - please don’t spam or make multiples as it slows down support for all of us.

I understand it’s frustrating but there’s little more to do right now then try to be patient. Maybe a fix is underway as we speak :crossed_fingers:

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