Brave estimated earning not increasing!

It’s been two days my estimated earning is not increasing from 0.428 BAT
I use brave browser for 4 5 hours a day

I have the same problem, it doesn’t appear in the ad anymore

Did you face the same problem last two days?
Mine was working fine before.

yes I haven’t been able to get ads for the last 5 days before that there was no problem

Anyone know how to resolve this problem?
It’s been 4 days my estimated earnings is not increasing.

same here not showing pop up ads

I guess it’s the latest brave update which broke something. The update that released on Nov 9th messed things up with rewards. I haven’t received a single BAT after 7th or 8th of Nov.

I had the exact same issue. No matter how many ads I see, the estimated earning was zero for more than 20 days. Then I reinstalled brave which then fixed my issue.

PS: I did it after getting my reward payout so I was always in safe side no matter what.

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