BRAVE REWARDS not credites

Yes i lost BATS in my Uphold wallet. And i see now this BATS goes to Brave Software İnternational. I dont understand why. I didnt sent

what happen may payment ? stil did not receieved

I also did not see any "Claim your ad earnings now!" Been checking for days now. None. I still can’t withdraw to uphold so I should be withdrawing manually but there’s no prompt like the usual.

bro i think your auto contribution is turned on. off this option in the rewards settings.

Same here guys! Didn’t received may payment for unverified wallet. Developer please response.


Withdraw them time to time, only thing you can do

i did it maybe 3 months ago. i m sure it is not on

yeees, just i trust them but i cant trust again

same here, I have not received anything yet. I guess payments are still in process.

Same! I was supposed to receive brave rewards from three different b browsers. It only transferred .25 to uphold and I have around 15 due

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Same with me. Did not receive bats for unverified wallet.

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same thing happened to me

Everyone needs to see this POST

"Dear Brave Rewards Users,

Due to some ongoing infrastructure maintenance, there is a chance of delay for this month’s Ads payout. While we hope to begin processing payments to both Verified and Unverified wallets beginning on Wednesday May 5th, there is a chance that payments will be delayed.

Please note that once payments begin, they can take several days to complete processing.

We will update this post as we have a clearer understanding of when payments will begin.

Thank you,
The Brave Rewards Team"


Yes. we need to wait some more. That’s ok. We still need to appreciate this community and developer team. They take time to make Brave even better. At least, I am fine with waiting or even if I didn’t get any rewards, that’s ok. Will still support Brave. Thank you!

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I have 372.76 Bat and have NEVER had one transferred to my VERIFIED Uphold account.
I’ve been verified for several months. When will they transfer them to my Uphold account?
I love Brave but they need to honor their commitment.

Same I only recieved 2.495 BAT :frowning:

Same here, from almost 5.0++ BAT to 4.405 BAT yesterday, well atleast we claim something but hoping they would make it a whole BAT Claim every month…

My BAT stopped counting, even though I still receive 5 adverts a day and I checked and I did not auto contribute either. What is going on???

It has been 16 days and i am still owned like 13 bat… @Steve

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