Brave rewards in mobile

I am not able to claim Brave rewards I have received in brave android application. This is what I get when I try to claim the amount. Can someone please help me with it

Hey @Penguin96 ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

Did you manage to pass the captcha test?


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Not sure. Could you please tell what is that.

Just checked about captcha on YouTube. I think I did get that and was having issues with clearing it. However, I have not received captcha for quite some time now. Kindly let me know how to move forward with it

Do you remember when you received the captcha?


It was when I tried syncing my Brave browser on laptop and Android. Should be 2-3 months ago

Android version doesn’t have “a captcha” like desktop CMIIW @GreenBananaPorridge . Did you mean “Safety Net check”?

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@eljuno My bad, yes you are correct.

@Penguin96 Can you click ok and see if you can try claiming again?


Does your device pass Safetynet? You can test here:

This is what I am getting. I am not sure why since I have never really rooted my phone. My phone’s bootloader is unlocked though.

that’s in the developer options right? try disabling it and try the test again

We can unlock it. Relocking is not an option it seems.

if you disable the developer options the test still fails?

Yes. Initially my developer mode was disabled only. Still it was showing failed

Hi, I am using it on mobile. I’ve around 2 bat. Now, I sync it on my pc but on my pc, it shows 0 bat. Shouldn’t the rewards also get synced to the pc as well since both are on the same sync chain?

I don’t think rewards on pc and mobile sync. You can claim them individually in wallet.

I understand. Thank you.

Guys any workaround for this issue?

If you have CTS profile match fail normally means that your device has been modified in some way. I am no expert but I would look around for possible solutions. I found something here as a start →


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