Cannot Receive Rewards in Brave for Android

My rewards in Brave for Android have been pending for several months now. I have attached a screengrab detailing the issue.

Application version
Brave 1.19.86, Chromium 88.0.4324.96
Operating system
Android 9; SM-G950U Build/PPR1.180610.011


Does your device pass the Safetynet test? It’s an app

And there have been lots of these posts. You should search for them

Yes, I meant to include that bit.

I did. In fact, that’s why I posted the screen grab and the info from About Brave. This is the second device with which I have experienced this issue. You should ask if I have searched instead of assuming that I have not.

Ran a second test just to make certain. Passed on both tests.

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I should have asked if you searched instead of assuming that you have not? Well, I’m blushing here! How rude of me! My my there. Pardon me! On the other hand, it’s a safe assumption seeing as this is a new post and not a contribution to another with an existing problem.
That being said, Hello pal! I hope you get the help you need, best of luck

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