Brave Rewards in Android phone

Every month my Android phone phone shows BAT rewards, but they get wiped out automatically.

Whenever I click the tringle button to claim, it shows Oops, something is wrong, Please try again later. This has been going on for nearly a year. Also, as Brave doesn’t allow linking to a wallet until 25 BAT, it will never in the whole wide world reach there at this rate with buggy Rewards component in the Android browser. Can you look into fixing this soon or allow these to sent to a wallet automatically please?

Please see the problem in the screenshots. It is like this for nearly over a year have been losing the rewards.

That’s usually a connection issue. Do you retry it several times over the course of a day or two?

I have been trying over the last 1 year, several times a month. I am about to get rid of Brave from my mobile, unless this is fixed. Claiming rewards never works from the Android phone app.

In Windows PC its ok, not in Android.

@Mattches @steeven @GreenBananaPorridge

Does your Android device pass the SafteyNet check?

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