Brave Rewards gone to zero and uphold link not working

Today my brave rewards disappeared feb 10 2023. rewards icon on the desktop is gone. nothing but a clock. in rewards settings it says connect to uphold but when i click the uphold link nothing happens. so 4 years of rewards gone. getting so tired of brave. anyone know how i can get my rewards back as now they are zero and not earning and literaly nothing relating to rewards displays. all was fine yesterday until brave upgrade

thanks for the reply but my problem is i have an uphold verified from before but my browser wont connect to it. i am offered a link to connect but it doesnt work. its like a dead link. click and nothing happens. i was aware of the change you pointed too but thanks anyway. it appears my bat is gone and no way to contact brave about it. my opinion is Brave seem to be doing whatever they can to destroy their token and i have lost all trust in them. they have slid bit by bit into a shitcoin. not a coin i would ever purchase

You mean the buttons are greyed out ?
If yes, then go to brave://flags and enable a flag called ‘Always show Brave Rewards custodial connection options’ flag. The buttons will start working again.

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I’m afraid it doesn’t matter. I also have a verified Uphold account from before, can’t connect it anymore but nevertheless received my rewards until the last update. Since the last update rewards unfortunately don’t work for me at all. The only thing that matters is whether you live in a supported country or not… if you’re one of the unlucky ones like me whose country is not currently supported, then it doesn’t matter if you have a verified Uphold account, it still won’t work.

If you have an old verified account but now your country is marked with an * in the list above, Uphold no longer offering new accounts in region and so you also are unsupported at the moment.

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