Brave Rewards Gone Missing

Before I had approx. 3.94 dollars on my brave rewards but after I turned off my laptop, I had 0.94 dollars left. Why is that? Also, could you help me return my lost rewards?

@jjprzzz Reward is based on BAT not in dollar. You will get BAT has reward. Bat value is shown in dollar.

you must add A SS to clear your problem.
Go your ads panel and send us SS then we can try to help you

Yes, I know. But still some of my BAT or its equivalent dollars are missing

@jjprzzz so, based on your screenshot, seems like you talked about Estimated pending rewards.

This one is rewards estimation. Accumulated and will be paid every 5th of the month. And after it’s paid, the balance will adjust itself and only showing what you earned from August 1st - today.

And the “missing” BAT? Simply, it’s already paid. See that 15.250 BAT in your wallet?

Ohhh I see. Thank you for the response.

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