Brave Rewards for german users II

I find it hard to believe after multiple claims by Brave people they don’t have any plans for adding more options in the foreseeable future.

I cannot even sign up now. Just read the quote I made in the old thread with the official statement. So it might work for you. But it doesn’t work for new customers.

Imo it’s annoying but okay, that the brave team can’t do anything about the uphold and gimini restrictions. They should do something about it but I can understand that it can take some time. However I don’t know, why they just don’t add a sync feature to different installed browsers, so that you don’t lose your virtual BATs, if one device gets lost or (in the more likely case) one device gets replaced by being sold or the reinstallation of an operating system on the PC etc… I mean this problem exists for such a long time for people in some countries and probably stopps many people from switching since the rewards feature is one of the main features of the browser.


Now that Brave has its own In-Browser-Wallet, I see no reason why this wallet cannot be the wallet to send the BAT from the rewards to. That would be the easiest and most convinient way. From the Brave-wallet everybody could send his BATs to wherever he wants.

BAT is on its all time high and my BAT are still only in the browser. This is annoying. There is no way to send to another exchange.

Still no news on wallets for german users?

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You really should try to read things, such as and

There’s plenty of other places where they openly share what’s being worked on. What is most important though is that you try to read more on FAQ and your own Terms of Use for Brave.

For example:

5. Risks Associated with Markets for BAT

BAT are intended to be used solely on the Platform, and Company will not support or otherwise facilitate any secondary trading or external valuation of BAT. This restricts the contemplated avenues for using BAT to obtain Services or access the Platform, and could therefore create illiquidity risk with respect to BAT you hold. Even if secondary trading of BAT is facilitated by third party exchanges, such exchanges may be relatively new and subject to little or no regulatory oversight, making them more susceptible to market-related risks. Furthermore, to the extent that third-parties do ascribe an external exchange value to BAT (e.g., as denominated in a digital or fiat currency), such value may be extremely volatile and diminish to zero.

3.1 Activation

To become a Brave Rewards User, you must activate the Services within your Brave browser, and review and accept these Terms with Company.

When you activate the Services, a BAT user wallet will be created for you in the Brave browser (“User Wallet”) through a third party wallet provider, Uphold, Inc. (“Uphold”). You agree to comply with Uphold’s Terms and Conditions, available at, in connection with your use of the User Wallet. You may be required to complete additional verification steps with Uphold before using certain features of the Services. Company has no responsibility or liability with respect to any disputes or any relations whatsoever between you and Uphold.

BAT are not intended to be a digital currency, security, commodity or any other kind of financial instrument.

TL:DR = They are looking at expanding, but it’s not on them. BAT is meant to use for services with Brave and not intended to be a currency. Any desire or use to have it on places like Uphold, Gemini, or other places is on the user.

I know, you saw it and downloaded, agreeing to terms without reading them. People are always good at doing that. Oh, other thing, might want to check out my big FAQ which explains a bit more about BAT and how it works. You can see it at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

In particular, you may want to look at Where is my BAT from Brave Rewards kept? and What is BAT? (I actually need to move/copy over some things from Where is BAT kept over to what is BAT?)

If only that’s what you did. But look back, you didn’t just ask.

That’s a “threat,” where you’re basically saying if not made available to you that you’ll be going elsewhere.

Hence I felt the need to show you that you’re misunderstanding how things work and seem to have agreed to Terms of Use without paying attention what you agreed to. That’s all.

Oh, and I provided links where you can see what they have in development or what they are working toward. You’ll essentially know what’s coming based on that.

FAQ and area I linked to was so you can understand vBAT vs BAT and how that works. As it’s Uphold and Gemini who are the only ones at this time willing to convert vBAT to BAT for their own profit. Others aren’t doing it yet, hence why not available to you.

As to why Brave won’t use Brave Wallet for it, that’s covered in my FAQ but then official response also is at

Come on, this is cheap. Terms of use are written to meet legal requirements, not really for anyone to read. If they were, they would be shorter and clearer and more concise. Operators are only concerned with legal certainty for themselves. You’re not seriously telling me that you read all these terms and conditions every time you update iOS (if you have an iPhone, otherwise use the Android equivalent)?

When I install or sign up for a new service, I do. During updates, not always. Though if I experience issues with a service or provider, I will go back and read it all again to make sure. This is especially the case when I am trying to make sure I am in the right to demand something.

The reason why I make sure to read is because I was taught this lesson a few times in life. The first was one of my first jobs as a teen, a company (Checkers) I worked at had a page in the employee handbook that said we had to initial it to show we read. If we didn’t initial it, then we had to buy the manager’s lunch that day. I skimmed and hurried to sign the handbook, turning it back in. They then showed me that part and had me pay for their lunch, since I had agreed to do so. It was a valued lesson in paying attention.

Beyond that, as an adult, I’ve seen a LOT of issues where it’s backfired on people. One funnier and more friendly example though can be seen at

@Guybrush Oh yeah, not sure if you ever heard of it, but you can always see small summaries and ratings on different places at

Sao can you stop spamming every topic with resources most people have seen already? Most people aren’t dumb and check this stuff before they post. Your posts do nothing other then make you appear to look down on everyone.
And you spam everywhere. Pls stop.

Providing answers to questions isn’t spamming.

You’re assuming they look. But I know responses I’ve been given and how many of my things have been marked as Solutions indicates otherwise. There is a reason why they put Community Ninja on me as I’ve been helping, as it’s been acknowledged as useful.

I never said they were.

Sadly, this isn’t true. The vast majority of people tend to jump right to Brave Community and post without looking. I’m not excluded from that, as I’ve posted things in the past seeking help when resources already were there for me. Often it’s because there’s an overwhelming amount of information out there and it can be tough to search through it all. If nothing else, it’s time consuming and people don’t want to spend all day doing it.

That’s your opinion. No idea why you think this or what part you think is “looking down” on anyone. Perhaps you’ve missed where I’ve shared, but I’m disabled. I’m autistic, had a traumatic brain injury in 2010, have PTSD, etc. I spend my life stuck in an apartment with no car or anything. I have nowhere to go and nothing to do. My entire day lately is spent reading manga, watching anime, playing video games, and helping people here on Brave Community.

The amount of time I spend here helps me to see issues that others might miss and often help me to come across answers to some of those problems. That doesn’t make me smarter or better than anyone else. All it means is I have more opportunity because I don’t have a life. Therefore my sharing information is in an attempt to help others in their busy days and to redirect in the way to get assistance.

People ask here to have an answer from an official. You did not provide any answers. People want to know if this eventually gets solved. You can not give any info on this topic.
Only an official Brave Staffer can. And not all info is available on these websites. Some are hidden deep on github. you have to search really hard.
Brave staff eventually can give a proper answer only they can give.
And you just coming in linking stuff that doesnt give clear info doesnt help anybody.

People want a clear answer from official brave staff. Not from a forum hero that doesnt have any info and answers in a condescending way.
And that is my point. So please. Or do you somehow get satisfaction of reading your name in literally every single topic on this forum…

That’s not what this is for. It’s for users and officials. If you don’t want to see mine, then ignore me. You can open my profile and choose to Ignore my posts/comments.
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Yet I can receive info from Brave that I share.

It’s not that deep. There’s also weekly meetings you can attend, if you’re unaware. Or you can listen on YouTube. They share a LOT of information about what Brave is up to and things in progress. There’s Github, Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Brave Community, and a few other places where we all talk and information is shared. Some staff ONLY communicate in one area. Like @chriscat isn’t active here, instead he does everything on Reddit, only dropping in here on occasion.

Mine is always pretty clear. What is it you’re wanting to talk about? I mean, you see where SaltyBanana said they are aware and looking into alternatives.

When I had someone like Soulshot respond to ask if any updates, I tried referring to some of the places to look at where information will be provided. It may not have the answers people want, but staff doesn’t always provide that either.

Nope, but as I told you in the post above, I do get satisfaction at keeping myself busy and helping others.

Honestly, going back to this, you seem to really be enjoying trying to talk down to me. Any reason why you feel the need to be so negative? You don’t have to like me, but that also doesn’t mean you need to be sitting here bashing me or anything. I mean, I get it, you’re mad because staff isn’t responding as much as you think they should. It upsets you that there are people on this forum who are helping staff.

Sadly, they are understaffed and have a lot of issues. Sometimes there are users here who learn bits and pieces of things or figure out where to look in order to find answers. We then reach out and do our best to help within what little knowledge we have so that staff can dedicate their time to solving issues.

@xMovingTarget Oh yeah, just a FYI if you didn’t know if it, the weekly meetings where information often is shared are then made available on YouTube for people to listen to. They tend to last an hour.

Channel where that’s shared is

Calls are co-founders, CEO, etc of Brave that participate. So Brendan Eich, Luke Mulks, and others.

Also a very good Discord where you can get in touch with a lot of knowledgeable users and staff is

For what it’s worth, figured I’d share this with y’all. I reached out to ask about the status of options for people to receive BAT other than Gemini and Uphold. In particular, I referred to THEMIS which is where it’s been getting looked at in regards to having BAT decentralized. The response I got was as follows:

Themis => decentralized ad buyer performance verification. Doesn’t help with compliance, nothing does. LN doesn’t help, nodes must be licensed MSBs or MTLs which means they will have to KYC for AML and sanctions :frowning:

In other words, as much as they are looking, they currently don’t have any alternatives due to legal requirements. It doesn’t mean they won’t eventually come across options, but that’s the current standing.

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