Brave Rewards doesn't work

So I recently reset my PC back in March and reinstalled brave. Back then I received ads and rewards properly. But after resetting the pc brave would randomly show me ads that would appear on Brave’s homepage but none as notifications. It’s been two months since I wanted to properly check whether it work out but it still hasn’t.
Till now it still has all payments and rewards and number of ads as zero. The entire browser works fine, only that the rewards system would not work.
Brave would not even count the background ads and the number therefore is still zero.
My pc is an HP with Windows 10 and I just brought it last year btw.
And I have checked similar threads and took the necessary actions mentioned in them but for two months there has been no change for me whatsoever.
Within those at the end of March I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling brave but it’s still the same.
If there’s any more information you need to know I would be happy to provide.

hey there. Sorry I can’t assist you but just came on here to see if anyone else is having the same issue as me and it turns out you are. I also installed Brave on 3 new devices and synced about 2 months ago and although I am being served ads nothing ever gets added to my wallet. In addition, the BAT notification in the mobile browser says I have rewards and when I click load it just sends the loading icon on an infinite loop. On desktop everything shows as 0.00.

Please also let me know what I need to provide you with in order to get this fixed.

Would anyone have any clue on how to resolve this? I’m still in square one. :pensive:

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