Brave Rewards disappeared when synced with Gemini

Basically the title. This happened about a month ago. I had about 50 BAT on my desktop (from a year of using the browser) that I had never verified or synced with a wallet. As soon as I verified / signed in with Gemini, my balance hit 0. I waited to see if it ever showed up in my Gemini account, but nothing ever did.


Exact thing happening with me. +1

same problem. Team Brave Can you help ?

I have similar problem. Can I ask you to check logs and paste here a few line(if it is looks like the same as mine)? I mean “brave://rewards-internals/”, then “Logs”. (refresh) I have something like that:

[31 Oct 2021, 12:34:46.3] Failed to get signed tokens
[31 Oct 2021, 12:47:06.3] Token list empty
[31 Oct 2021, 12:47:06.3] Claiming tokens failed

Please be careful with putting here logs, as some of information in rewards internals are/could be sensitive.


this should be dealt with. Brave shows my estimated earnings for October is zero while I’ve been clicking the freakin ads like a fool.
is there real Brave support other than this so called community? won’t help much to rant about something among ourselves…

Sorry for the delayed response. Yep I have that exact log from back on Oct 5th

[Oct 05, 2021, 12:03:44.9] Token list empty
[Oct 05, 2021, 12:03:44.9] Claiming tokens failed

Same thing just happened to me. What i find suspect is that there is not a single mention of Brave within Gemini profile either.

Same thing happened to me when I linked to Gemini.

Hey, just FYI, you don’t actually have to click the advertisements. If they pop up in the corner of your screen then you will get credit for it even if you never interact with it in any way.

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