Brave Rewards bugged

If you check the logs you will see the reason why you are not earning bat

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last line of the log comes from November 2021, nothing in 2022.

[24 nov. 2021, 3:23:47,9] Failed to get creative new tab page ad

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Did you hit refresh ?
It should show you the latest logs

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yes I refreshed, nothing more, it’s weird

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I will contact an administrator

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Yeah, it’s weird .
You should contact an administrator
I think your account has been flagged
They will help you unflag it

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I have no idea what information in the logs I need to look for but after turning it on and going back, I’m still not getting ads. New Tab ads are still not counting towards my ads goal. I would contact them but everything just points me to the forums and I can’t find a Brave Support e-mail to use to contact them about my issue.

I also contacted an admin about the issue. Thanks again for the tips @Sherlock23

This is a post in a previous topic that may shed some light on the focus assist settings.

While waiting for moderators to respond, you may want to see if any of the suggestions in the post help solve your issues.

Also, logs are for support staff use and you really can’t intuit what you are seeing or what they mean.


But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. If you persist it and don’t jump to conclusions too soon, it can deepen your understanding of how rewards work. And when you start getting a grasp of it, it will calm your nerves in uncertain times. @Chocoholic You should also try out exploring verbose logging.

And for everyone, don’t post your logs on publicly as they contain sensitive information.



Love it! Made me laugh. reminds me of a pacifier… :wink:

You brightened my day, thank-you. :smiley:


@Chocoholic Love you.


Ugh. Nope, not for me at this time. I read a few things doing a web search too. Would be interesting I think but I have a feeling I would go down a rabbit hole and never return. lol

Plus my system is ancient and it appears that turning it on would slow down my system even more. Maybe if I get a new computer… uh… no. :rofl:

Cool. No worries, I understand.

I tried this, but still nothing on my end.

Where would the DM icon be??

@AnonymousBrv1000 Hi :slight_smile:

To Direct Message (DM), also known as a private message, you can

  1. Click on a moderator’s (or any user’s) icon and there is a message button in the top right of their profile pop-up.
  2. You can also go to Messages in your profile and create a new message.

Ho, finally got it!

I reset my rewards wallet, the counter went down to 0.

I linked again my gemini account, reactivated ads & rewards, still nothing during a half hour, the counter remains at 0 even when viewing sponsored wallpapers.

Finally, everything went back to normal, the counter started working again and the pop-up ads reappeared. I just lost the few BAT of my brave virtual wallet.

I was getting ads again. I re-verified my Uphold wallet/account and was getting ads again on my laptop and my phone. Now I don’t get any on the laptop browser and when I click on the new tab ads it doesn’t count towards my total ads for the month, on my laptop. Currently, it’s working on my phone as it’s still counting the ads but nothing on my laptop. It’s just stuck at 114 and clicking ads doesn’t fix the problem. It says my wallet is connected and is showing the correct total value but I don’t know what to do.

I don’t think it’s that fair to click on ads for BAT compensation and they don’t even get tallied. It makes it feel like I’m getting the shaft while Brave is most definitely still getting ad revenue for me clicking on every Brave Ad I see.

I was finally paid for this month but the problems are still occurring on my laptop Brave Browser…

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