Usd(bat) decreased

my usd decreased 2 times from 0.12 to 0.11. also my bat rewards are not increasing from 2 days. i have clicked 10 ads per hour. but i am not geeting that much ads. why is it so.

USD value don’t depend on Brave.
BATs are a type of Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. And its price may increase or decrease depending on people’s demand.

And regarding not getting ads, which device do you use?

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The number of ads you receive per day depends on your location, your device type, and other factors. You don’t have to click on any ads at all in order to receive BAT–they just have to display. You are limited to 4 new-tab ads per hour, 20 per day. As IzMeRajat said, the USD value of BAT fluctuates constantly based on market demand. You can see the current price as well as historical prices here:

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