BAT token is decreasing day by day

I’ve been using Brave browser everyday. It’s been quite a few weeks that my balance is decreasing day by day inspite of using the browser. Is there any issue going around ? Let me know what is going on here ?

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That is because the value of BAT is decreasing. It is currently valued at a little over a dollar as of writing this. A few weeks ago it was higher at like $1.30

No, the number or brave should stay the same. Its value in terms of dollars should change. I got your point but you didn’t understand my point. Let’s give you an example. Suppose If i have 5 BAT which value is ($1.5), if the value of BAT decrease, the 5BAT will stay the same, but $1.5 will change. Did you got it ??

Is not only this, i think the ads is decreasing the value too. I clicked in two ads and received 0.0002 BAT for 2 ADS, it’s not normal. I’m receiving 6~7 Ads per day, but they worth nothing, i mean i don’t think that’s counting correct, or is not the same number of ads that i received in last month.

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