No ads when I had no problem with account, now spammed with ads but account is flagged

So I never really received ads with my browser. After reading all the documentation it basically said I just had to wait or reinstall. I tried both. I waited for 2 years.

I finally start seeing ads but now my account says that it’s flagged and so not receiving rewards for the ads that I’m viewing. I don’t want to turn the ads off as I’m afraid I’ll never see them again (trust issues with the Brave rewards scheme now).

So when will this flagged account be sorted now? Do I need to wait for another 2 years? Just a suggestion, but a little more effort in providing the user with a bit more info on the status of these things will probably reduce the number of hours you have to sort through support tickets like this.

Using Brave 1.41.100 and macOS Monterey 12.6
Gemini wallet Is verified (I used it with my Brave browser on my phone), but wont connect to desktop browser (as account is flagged).
Never received payments in the past.
Not using a VPN
I’m in a supported region

You should raise a ticket at Brave Rewards Support
From there, Brave’s team can see if they can get your flagged removed. Normally people who had raised a ticket about their rewards been flagged, have got it unflagged within 1 week .

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Thanks for the help Aadi (I thought this was the support lol. Slightly embarrassing) - you live up to your name :wink:

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