Brave rewards on different devices and future uphold transfer

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So i just started with Brave Rewards and ive been looking in the internet about devices sincronization. In this link, says sincronization is yet not possible, at least for Brave rewards. The date is from october tho, so i dont know if right now its possible to sync over the devices.

Me, ive turned on sincronization chain with my phone and the BAT doesnt match, idk if for update time or just they are not the same accounts. My question is, will i be able to plug in different BATS from different devices on my uphold account? Can i have more than one uphold account and trasnfer to my bank account through more than one uphold account? Thanks for your time.

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You are correct, BAT/Rewards data is not included in Brave Sync at this time. However, you can have multiple devices (up to 4) connected to the same verified Uphold wallet. To do this, simply verify any device wallets with the same Uphold account. Once complete, you will see the same balance (which will match what is in Uphold) reflected across your devices.

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