Brave reward totals are incorrect and shorter then it's supost to be on all 3 of my devices

Today I realized that the brave browser rewards that’s being paid out in 3 days from today March 4th 2022 is incorrect and shorter bat numbers then what I received throughout the month of February. I get rewards for my phone laptop and tablet and the sink is connected to all three of them, recently upload wouldn’t link to my phone but I was able to find a fix for that on the form but the numbers are inaccurate on all three devices that saying that’s being paid out unless it’s a visual book I don’t know but I didn’t realize that I’m getting short in my rewards

Yes, this is something we’ve had explained to us. According to @Mattches, not all ads were able to be reconciled. They didn’t really get into why a larger amount than usual were not reconciled, but they have told us that everything is rolling forward and we’ll receive it next month.

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