Brave revealing computer device model!



Your Brave browser does not hide the model of computer a person uses. Your browser reveals the EXACT model of my computer device to websites! I have done several tests, and the model of my computer device is always revealed. I have Brave set up properly. This is a serious problem. Please fix it as soon as possible. Firefox does not reveal a person’s exact model of computer (I did tests), so why does Brave?! If this problem is not fixed, I will stop using Brave, and I will warn others about the problem.


@ragnar, you need to provide more information. I have several questions that could have been answered in your initial post.

Which sites reveal your data?
What tests did you perform?

Are you sure? What do your settings look like? :point_up:
Have any extensions installed?
What build of Brave are you using?
What version of Brave are you using?
What Operating System?