Brave PWA apps to load as desktop mode


I’d like to ask, on android, I installed as PWA Google Duo, and Google chat (firstly using them as desktop mode on brave) otherwise you get a screen to get the app from playstore. Now that I open them they both load the website as it is on mobile. How to force them load on desktop mode each time I open them? Is it a setting? Is that possible?

If you open the PWA and tap the main menu button, there should be a Desktop site check box you can tap that will show the site in Desktop view moving forward.

Hey Mattches.

Thank you for your response.
At what version this was introduced, I might have an older brave version.
Will it still block ads and trackers and all the settings I have in Brave if I use a website as PWA?


I tried latest Brave and still don’t see the dekstop mode in PWA apps. I have to use request desktop mode in main browsers settings and then it will load everything to desktop mode including PWA’s but this isn’t what I want. I want only to load specific url’s to desktop mode or at least have a setting in PWA’s to enable/disable desktop mode.

What version of Brave on Android are you using?

Brave Beta 1.65.89 Chromium: 123.0.6312.58
Can you post A screenshot of the option on your mobile?

Do you not see this option on the PWA when launched?

Hi. I don’t understand how is Brave VPN related with my issue

Oops! Apologies — it’s been a long week :sweat_smile:

I sent the wrong screen shot — they’re right next to each other and look almost the same!

Ah I see. Yes I see that option but that it’s inside the browser, isn’t it? It’s not PWA. I don’t see such menu.
For example, if you go to from main browser > then click desktop mode > then install app (from menu), it creates a shortcut on your phone. Now that is a PWA. If you use that shortcut, it will open in Brave but in a more simple way, without menus. Is desktop mode option available inside the PWA?

Can you share a screenshot of exactly where you’re tapping the Install app button`?

Sorry for being late. Here they are:

First screen is from main browser when I create the PWA.
What I did was: go to then desktop mode then it will show to install app

The following screenshots are from the PWA that was created:

In the menu in PWA there is no option to turn on/off desktop mode

It looks like the PWA will basically follow whatever mode you have set in the browser app. So if you have Desktop view enabled when you save the PWA, it will install and save as a desktop site.

However, if you then change the setting on Youtube in the browser (not the PWA) back to mobile, the PWA will change as well.

Yes exactly. But inside the PWA isn’t any option, so each time I have to go back in the browser. Maybe an option in PWA should be included. I noticed firefox has that.
At first you said that there is one.

I see. Yeah that seems to be the functionality as it stands.

I did go ahead and open the following issue for it for our developers to review, though I cannot guarantee this will be implemented/considered:

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