Default Printer goes to PDF not windows default

Brave selects save as PDF when trying to print a pdf. Have to manually change to Windows default printer and the switch causes brave to be non responsive for about a minute.

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Can you please tell me what version of Windows you’re using as well as the Brave version? It seems to be Windows specific as macOS seems to remember the last selected printer I used to print something out from the browser.

Windows 10 Pro

Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19041.1000.0

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Thank you — taking a look now. For some reason my own Win10 machine does not want to find my printer at all so asking some team members to test. Will reply back here when I know more.

Thank you.

At least one team member is reporting that they see the default printer selected when opening the Print controls in Brave. Note that they are on Win11 though — will reply back when I have more info.

In the meantime, do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time? If so, can you try disabling them and see whether or not the behavior stays the same?

I understand. Thank you.

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