Brave opening every picture I download :(

When I download any picture ACDSee is opening that picture

Happened every time, I have checked the options of ACDSee 2019 several times and I have tried to find any options on a download page from Brave and settings but I can’t find the solution!

Is it ACDSee, Windows 10 or Brave how I can stop this madness from opening every single picture I download from the Net.

Thank you in advance.

Type brave://settings/downloads in the address bar and make sure you don’t see Open certain file types automatically after downloading option over there. If you see such an option, click Clear next to it.

I managed to find the same issue as yours from years ago, and a senior member claims the software isn’t responsible for that behavior, advising the user to check their browser’s settings.

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I found it, thank you. I must have missed it because I was expecting a list of every extension that would be opened by a different program.

That was maybe version 1.3+ on XP many many years ago. I found that one too browsed it quick but a lot has changed.
But you do have tons of this instapreview, quickview etc etc. I turned all off and it still happened so it was Brave.

Had to connect all the other extensions back to their programs, maybe they’ll make a list of each extension you download so I can only disconnect certain files from certain actions.
Now Brave is blocking .PLS and .M3U I really don’t see a reason why it want to do that :(((((((

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