Brave on IOS lack of integration w password managers

I have selected Lastpass or Bitwarden for my password manager on iOS 14.4 yet when I go to any website and try to login, the input screen on the login fields in Brave does not provide a way of using Lastpass or Bitwarden. It does not matter whether Brave Shields are down or not. Brave Rewards are disabled since I have no interest in BAT.

Are you not using the standard iOS keyboard? There should be a context-related input at the top (where word suggestions normally appear), that says “Passwords” when you select a password field, and this will open Lastpass to the proper entry. I use Lastpass with Brave on iOS 14.4 and have no problems.

Keep in mind that on websites that do not show a password field (you have to put in your username and hit Next or something prior to the password field showing up), the “Passwords” context will not show up, because it only triggers on a text input that is coded as a password. This is poor web design and not Brave’s or Lastpass’s fault.

Yes I am using the stand iOS keyboard.

I have found that Safari is the only browser that allows you to enter the username on a login screen on a website via a password manager like Bitwarden or Lastpass. If one clicks on a username login field in Safari on the iOS the virtual keyboard will have an option to use Lastpass or Bitwarden to fill in the username. If you do the same thing in MS Edge or Brave on iOS there is no opportunity to pull the username info via either of those 2 password managers. They are not offered as options on the virtual keyboard. Only when you get to the password field in MS Edge or Brave are Lastpass or Bitwarden offered to you as a source on the virtual keyboard.

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