Lastpass Not Working IOS (14)


I cannot get lastpass to work on ios with brave. It used to do so? Thankful for any tips as I might be missing something. I have lastpass autofill enabled. Works in Chrome (ugh) and Safari (yarn).

Thanks (pours a tall drink)



Same problem here.* Everything seems to be setup correctly with LastPass in the settings (works with Chrome and Safari) but Brave doesn’t seem to work correctly.

*When the cursor is in the ‘Username’ field on a site, it generally will not show the LastPass option above the keyboard (as usual) but if you know the username and move on to the ‘Password’ field, it will generally at least give you option of opening the ‘Passwords’ dialog in the LastPass extension and then you can pick the correct password from there. A lot more steps than with Chrome/Safari and quite a clunky process.

My guess is that the browser is blocking the extension from seeing the data it needs to autofill, in the name of privacy. But it would be great if we could toggle this off in the case of LastPass, because it significantly reduces the functionality.

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