Brave not presenting Disqus comment feature inline


Description of the issue:
Latest version of Brave with cleared cache not presenting Disqus comment content inline on page.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
Try (ex)- and tap comment icon.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
Comment content does not appear

Expected result:
Display content

Reproduces how often:
Every time

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
iOS 16.4, latest Brave (4/4/2023)

@Cnherrick do you have something like “Block Scripts” enabled? I just checked on my iPhone and there’s no issue.

Just wanted to point out I thought screenshot would be closer to what I saw. I had pinch zoomed out to show the article and Disqus comments, as wasn’t able to fit them both in on normal screenshot. Didn’t realize it was going to look like it does, with the content all small looking, lol.

I’m having a similar issue. Can’t see Disqus on Gatewaypundit , Breitbart and unrelated can’t see comments on Zerohedge

Block scripts not enabled

Works in Safari.

Deleted Brave and reinstalled. Still broken.
Also the VIP content is broken.

I’m actually wondering if this is specific to Brave and iOS 16.4 — I am not seeing this issue on my end, using my iPad with v16.2. Give me a few minutes to update the device and I’ll try again.

In the meantime, can you (and @IdahoSacredHerbs) confirm for me wether or not you’re using an iPad or iPhone device?

Thank you

IOS 16.4 iPhone XR - the issue just started today. I’ve made no changes to anything else. All sites work fine when checking on Safari, leading me to believe it’s a Brave issue

iOS 16.4 - definitely. On my iPhone 12

All this worked before iOS 16.4

Same here - iOS 16.4 + Brave

I just checked on my phone, even though I have automatic updates enabled, it hadn’t updated yet. Doing that update now (to iOS 16.4) and I’ll let everyone know if it makes an impact for me.

Just tested on my end after updating and I don’t seem to have any issues here. @Cnherrick are you simply trying to view the comment content or are you logged in and trying to comment yourself?

Either way, can you please try turning Shields “off” temporarily and test and see if you get different results?

@Mattches After my iPhone updated, I’m able to replicate the issue. Turning off Shields does allow it to show. So I then went back to test out various settings and realized it’s Block Corss-Site Trackers that results in it not loading. When I turn off the toggle, it loads perfectly fine.

Yes. it’s Block Corss-Site Trackers.

it’s Block Corss-Site Trackers

Can Brave fix?

I concur - turning off block cross site trackers made comments accessible again, on all sites I previously mentioned

Testing here. Try (ex)- [ ]( and tap comment icon.

I get this:

Not shat I got until I changed one of the sertings.

@fanboynz That’s what I originally got, but then I updated my iPhone to iOS 16.4. In your test, which OS did you use? Just to show what’s happening:

I’m still seeing everything working proper under default Shields settings in 16.4 but I am using an iPad which may make a difference here. @fanboynz were you using 16.4 when you got the results above?

I was running 16.3 at the time, I have updated to 16.4. Have tested and disqus renders the same as before. No observative differences here