Comment section no longer available on American Thinker site

I’m no longer able to view comments on The American Thinker site using the Brave browser.
This began about 2-3 days ago.

@syncopation It’s important you choose a category and complete templates when you post an issue here. At the very least, we need much more details. For example, which operating system are you using? As you can imagine, there are many differences between Android, Desktop, and iOS.

I did just check the site you mentioned on Desktop and I have no issues:

That said, I’m going to assume you’re on iOS. If so, it’s likely related on an issue being investigated, which you can see at Brave not presenting Disqus comment feature inline - #18 by Saoiray

If that’s the case, then your solution (even if just temporary) is to turn off the Block Cross-site Trackers option in Shields for the site.

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