Embedded Sprout video does not show in Brave on mobile

Why does embedded videos from Sprout not show in Brave on the mobile when it works in Safari and Firefox? It works in Brave on the desktop…

See https://lakhalama.org/en/video

@Chinboe In the future, please provide more details so we can better assist you. For example, you mentioned Mobile but you didn’t say which? Are you on iPhone, Android, or what? Also what version of Brave are you using? All of these little things can make a big impact.

In addition to that, often it helps to try to change settings in Shields to see if they make an impact. Then share what you tried.

I’m going to make an assumption that you’re using iPhone and you’ve been impacted on an issue that many of us are having. In the recent iOS 16.4 update for iPhone, there’s a conflict where it’s causing Shields to be stricter. So if you have Block Cross-Site Trackers enabled, it’s blocking a lot of little things on various sites. So when we see a site that doesn’t seem to load comments, videos, pictures, or whatever else we have to click on the Shields lion icon and then turn off Block Cross-Site Trackers for that site, at which point it tends to work.

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Thanks a lot—it worked, and I will keep your advices in mind :+1:

@Chinboe just a FYI, I just saw the update for 16.4.1 become available on my iPhone. Upon updating, this issue resolved itself and I’m able to have Block Cross-Site Trackers up and everything work fine. Can you check for the update and advise if it works with everything back to what it was?

Sorry, but the update that you mention does not appear in the Apple APP Store…

@Chinboe of course it’s not in the Apple app store, because it’s not an app. It’s a system update. It went from iOS 16.4 to 16.4.1.

Go to your iPhone settings → General → Software Update

Okay — I thought you were talking about a Brave Update :sweat_smile:

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