Brave not opening in both Windows & MacOS

Hi, i have brave on both MacOS & Windows10 - i deleted the windows off my Sync, and now within 3 days of doing that, both browsers will not open

macos will just bounce in the taskbar, then stop
windows simply will not open

i reinstalled both, same thing - its something in my profiles & settings folder which is stopping it, because if i delete my profile, it opens fine ( without any profiles or settings)

Yet i need my profile because it has all my data.

This is all getting rather glitchy over the last year, it use to run smooth, now it seems bloated.

Any fixes for getting my data back? i had important bookmarks & important extensions with crypto on them.

Okay i deleted the file “local state” in my APPDATA folder & it launches, however my other 3 profiles are missing

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