Can’t see Brave news feed on iPhone

Grateful for your help. I currently am unable to find the Brave news feed while using the brave browser on my iPhone. I do not wanna go back to Google news.

On Brave iPhone app: I’ve allowed cookies, updated Brave And I am logged in on my Brave app. I have selected news and new sources (see screenshot).

I am told by others that I should just be able to open a new Brave browser, scroll down and see a newsfeed but when I do this I instead I see a blank page.

Can anyone help me please?

I’ve also tried to click on the gray link that says “news” (screen shot) but the link is in active and does not respond.


It’s in New Tab. It won’t open in your first page, hit New Tab and then you should be able to scroll down. I just enabled Brave News on mine and was able to access with no issues.

Thank you, Saoiray, for trying to help me out here. It’s not working for me. As you can see I did hit a new tab but the page won’t scroll any lower than what you’re seeing on this photo. Other times I do see the words “brave

news“ but the words are not clickable. Any other ideas?

And would you mind sending me a screenshot of what you see? Thank you!

So yeah, this is what I see, in order. Obviously the news changes, but I just scrolled on down.

Main thing I had done a while back was went to the hamburger menuand to Settings. Then I made sure to activate Brave News, which you see in this first screenshot.

A secondary way I can view News now is also from the hamburger menu. As you see in the screenshot below, it has an option where I can click News and it will take me to it.

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