"For you" tab on Brave News

There should be a way to either disable or set the default to following on Brave News. I carefully select all of the sources that I want to see on my Brave News feed, and I’m not interested in seeing a bunch of braindead entertainment “news” when I open my home page. The new changes to Brave News are mostly good (I love the ability to manually refresh the feed), however, the “For you” feature is an unwelcome and forced surprise.
Screenshot 2024-02-07 094132


I agree with you here — looks like if you select Following then it will default to Following for the rest of the session, but once you close/reopen the browser it reverts back to For you. Will be passing this onto the team for consideration.

Thank you for reporting


Amen! I completely agree with @Gluuten !!!

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I would like to throw my support in here. I carefully curate my feed. “For you” is actually code for “We think we know better than you what you should see and we’re going to force it on you because you used to be able to remove all of the ‘suggestions’ (painfully, i might add, which was intentional to discourage this behavior) but now we don’t care anymore about your preferences while pretending you have control in your privacy browser and we want to force you to see whatever we want you to see”.

I lament that this feedback will still be here without being addressed in about 2 years’ time.

Wait for it.

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