Brave needs Design enhancement for bigger screens

Brave needs design update for 55inch tvs (laptop connect via hdmi)

while i resize the browser size (similar to size of laptop) it looks good…

however while maximize to full size of big tv (everyhting looks in medium size)

so add enhancements and change designs for bigger displays… and also i think it would be cool to display new innovative task manger in some sort of design in new tab page, suspend tabs option… cool transition of real team ram memory freed duriing suspension process is happening and after suspension , pin stories to read later, etc

it feels so empty on bigger displays. .check it out and ask me question if you need to know information.

I think this should be in the features request section

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I think using zoom feature improve this situation a lot

but i feel like brave stories needs to have 6 grid box in a column (instead of just 2)

Alright, next time for next post

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