Brave keeps playing a youtube video i've watched before, in the background WHILE i am watching another video

Yeah Brave keeps playing previous youtube videos at “random”
It seems to be triggered by space bar.
I noticed this when leaving comments that suddenly the text box lost focus for NO reason, and that it started to play another video in the background while i was still watching something.

My only addons are “lastpass” and “open video downloader”.
It’s EXTREMELY anoying.

Hi @sheitmaster , welcome to Community!

Could you kindly answer the following:

  1. Brave version (brave://version)
  2. Device OS/Version
  3. Are you able to reproduce this issue on other browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Edge?


We’ve seen this issue before — it is typically caused by a faulty extension or by the media controls feature of the browser.
Please try disabling your extensions (likely the Open video downloader) extension and test again. If that does not work, can you please try the solution found here?

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