Youtube videos automatically playing in background

Whenever I Open any website on brave browser, within few minutes youtube automatically starts playing random video on same website that I searched (For example :, I can hear only audio part, but that video is actually playing in same tab.

If anyone facing such issue please reply on this thread.

Haven’t faced such an issue. If you have Youtube in your recent tabs and it’s open then I guess that is the issue


I am adding Image for reference.You can see the Audio logo, just left of Upcoming Word.

No. all Youtube tabs were closed.

I am not quite sure what’s happening here. @Aman_M @rodrige any assistance you can provide ?

@sachin23 How do you know it’s YouTube that’s playing the video? The video must be coming from the site which you have attached in the image with the audio icon. And it should stop when you close the site with the audio icon on top. I don’t see any video playing on

Some sites are tricky and play media automatically. You will have to thoroughly scroll the site to find the media.

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I know that video was from youtube, because the screenshot I show you above, that website was job portal website and the video I heard on that website was the Famous Hindi Show called “Tarak Mehta ka oolta chashma”. The videos were played randomly. I only heard the videos of people that I have subscribed to.

Lol. But the image you posted doesn’t appear to be from and I don’t see any media on this site. Do you have any extentions installed? Can you try and see if you face this in a new profile as well?

Also, does it happen if you just open one tab of that site, keeping all others closed? And does it happen every time?

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