Youtube videos automatically playing in background

Whenever I Open any website on brave browser, within few minutes youtube automatically starts playing random video on same website that I searched (For example :, I can hear only audio part, but that video is actually playing in same tab.

If anyone facing such issue please reply on this thread.

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Haven’t faced such an issue. If you have Youtube in your recent tabs and it’s open then I guess that is the issue


I am adding Image for reference.You can see the Audio logo, just left of Upcoming Word.

No. all Youtube tabs were closed.

I am not quite sure what’s happening here. @Aman_M @rodrige any assistance you can provide ?

@sachin23 How do you know it’s YouTube that’s playing the video? The video must be coming from the site which you have attached in the image with the audio icon. And it should stop when you close the site with the audio icon on top. I don’t see any video playing on

Some sites are tricky and play media automatically. You will have to thoroughly scroll the site to find the media.

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I know that video was from youtube, because the screenshot I show you above, that website was job portal website and the video I heard on that website was the Famous Hindi Show called “Tarak Mehta ka oolta chashma”. The videos were played randomly. I only heard the videos of people that I have subscribed to.

Lol. But the image you posted doesn’t appear to be from and I don’t see any media on this site. Do you have any extentions installed? Can you try and see if you face this in a new profile as well?

Also, does it happen if you just open one tab of that site, keeping all others closed? And does it happen every time?

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I am also facing same isse. How to solve this ?

I’m facing the same thing… it comes from the “control your music, videos, and more” thing… and I’m very upset with this sh*t…

I can’t keep using Brave. Every video that I watch will come with a second one in the background from the “control your music…” or even when I’m not watching something a random video will start playing automatically…

@Mattches @SaltyBanana please help

Apologies for the late reply — that said, none of this makes any sense. @Gersudo — you can disable that icon by using the following steps (but for Brave obviously, not Chrome):

Please let me know if the issue persists after this.

Before anything, can you please answer the previously asked questions:

  • Do you have any extensions installed at this time? If so which ones?
  • Do you see this behavior if you were to create a new browser profile?

I was facing the same issue and now with this disabled I no longer have it. Thank you so so much.


Hi, im not the person who made this topic, but i’ve got the same problem, and i followed your link and disable " Global media controls control Cast start/stop" And the UI version in “brave://flags/”, and i still have the problem. When im on i can hear a video being played in the background, even if im watching a video already.

  • Then what do i do ?.
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Do you see this same behavior in a new/fresh profile?

Sorry for the delay. It seems like there’s no problem there at all.

Seems like it’s working now.
I noticed that i had a icon that pop up everytime i played a video, that i did’n see until now, like a video player that said something like: Control your musik, your videoes and more.
And youtube was doing it’s thing, playing a video on it’s own and i stop it on this UI thing, and now the problem is gone ?!.

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I am facing the same issue even now. I disabled the global media controls and yet it was of little help. Can you suggest anything else which I can do?

I am having the same issue. In my environment, if I am watching a Youtube video, whether or not I have other Youtube tabs open, another video, not from the tabs I have open, starts playing in the background. Then I have to pause the video I am watching and go into the Media controls to close that second video playing.

This is very very annoying as it happens constantly. Sometimes within minutes and I am unable to enjoy what I am watching without constant interruptions by the videos playing in the background.

And the videos playing change.

I just deactivated the media controls to see if that helps.

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Has this been resolved? I’m having the same issue. The random background video will play for maybe 20 seconds and then stop. The video playing is from Youtube channels I subscribe to and it is always a different video. It will happen at least 10 times an hour. Not sure what to do. This makes Brave unusable if I can’t solve this.