Brave forgets every 2-4 weeks most login data

Description of the issue:
For many web pages I just enter my login data once and the page does not ask me again (e.g. gmail, github, stackoverflow etc.). If I open one of the named web pages normally, I’m logged in automatically. I guess they are using cookies or internal storage.

However, Brave forgets every 2 to 4 weeks the google accounts and logins for many web sites like github, stackoverflow etc and I have to login everywhere again. This is very annoying and time consuming.

How can this issue be reproduced?
I did not find a clear way to reproduce the issue. Today it happens after I did a restart, successful ubuntu login. Then I accidentally failed to enter the correct password for Ubuntu “Password for Key” management (dark popup) while starting brave. However, after a computer restart and entering all passwords correct, Brave still remembers non of my Web pages logins.


  1. Restart Ubuntu
  2. Skip unlock keyring popup several times
  3. start Brave (all logins are forgotten)
  4. restart Ubuntu again
  5. Unlock keyring correctly
  6. Start Brave. Brave still has forgotten all google accounts and web page logins

Expected result:
Google accounts and web pages logins should not be forgotten

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.31.87 Chromium: 95.0.4638.54 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
I’m running brave on Ubuntu 21.04

There is a similar thread Brave keeps forgetting my google accounts
The solution mention there “delete the google cookies” does not solve the issue for me.

Do you have anything configured under ‘On exit’ here? brave://settings/clearBrowserData

Also, how are you logging into your Ubuntu system after restart? Are you using a password, biometrics (fingerprint, etc.), autologin, or something else?

Sorry for my late response. There is nothing enabled under brave://settings/clearBrowserData in tab onExit.

In Ubuntu I have “Automatic Login” enabled for my user.
So my system dont ask for a password, fingerprint etc. after reboot.

I’ve installed a nextcloud client which starts after login automatically and trigger that the Ubuntu password has to be entered. If I cancel or enter password wrong and start Brave Browser afterwards, all the cached logins are gone (as described above) even after restart.

OK. I think I understand what is going on.

Brave (and some other apps) will store passwords in a local ‘keyring’ which is usually managed by some app such as Seahorse, for example. Most Linux windowing systems will be set up such that, when you enter your password to unlock the system, that password also simultaneously unlocks the keyring.

If you use autologin, or if you log into the device using biometrics, that password is not available to unlock the keyring so the stored data likewise remain inaccessible.

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