Brave keep playing random YouTube videos in tab by itself


I messed something up. When I tried to type a phrase in google I pressed some browser shortcut. Now when I type something in Google the keys act as shortcuts and instead of typing text it turns on random videos on Youtube. A speaker icon appears in the tab. Media control appears in the upper right corner. I can turn on picture-in-picture mode but I don’t know where it comes from.

Not super clear on what shortcut that would be…Does this persist if you restart the browser? Also if you click on the media icon you’re pointing to and then click the x, does the behavior and/or media playing stop?

It happens only on Google Search main page. I cleared, cache of site and restart browser. When I turned off video in media icon after few seconds when I start typing other video start playing. Turning off autoplay in site setting helps, but it’s only a bypass, not a solution of problem.

When I inspect page i got lots of these (pic rel.):

Very strange indeed. Does disabling any of the extensions you have installed make any difference?

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I think I managed to deal with it. The issue was caused by the Fullpage Screen Capture extension. With some weird keyboard shortcut I created a hidden iframe/workframe with the YouTube page in the right edge of the tab on the Google search page. When I typed something into a search engine, the keys acted as shortcuts on the YouTube website and play random clips. Removing the extension fixed the problem. Anyway, thank you very much for your help.


Okey no problem :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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