Brave isn't taking BRAVE SEARCH Feedback & trying to improve😓

Gave feedback like a 1000 times the desired result is
" "
This isn’t present in the whole search

Hope They take feedback thankyou💔

the search is limited to 2 pages of search in brave search.This might be the reason.and also it will improve indexing with time. I hope it gets better.

do you have Google fallback mixing enabled? if not turn it might improve the search result.

I have given feedback for quite a few search results but yeah they stayed the same.

Would be nice if there was more info on the feedback function and if feedback is used for results.

The feedback won’t be used to change search results directly. It would be very impractical to manually change search results, because it will only affect the specific result and does nothing to improve search as a whole.

Instead, the feedback will be used to improve the search algorithms to make all searches better.
That’s why it takes time for the search results to improve.