Brave is scam? I have to uninstall it?

Hello friends, I have been using brave for a few weeks and my experience until today has been very very very bad. Not so much for the functionality of the product that is quite similar to Chrome at least for the uses that I give it. What I am not liking is the PROBLEMS WITH THE BATS. These are reduced and now I find out that without prior notice they are being reduced by 90% (from 0.01 to 0.001) WHICH SEEMS TO ME A LACK OF RESPECT TO USERS. This type of change it’s ridiculous! After this experience I have looked for other bad experiences in the forum, reddit and other places and I FIND OUT THAT THERE ARE MANY! I don’t know if the technical team has so many problems or this is some kind of scam. I have seen people who have their account closed, others have their bats suddenly reduced, redirected advertising, and, now, others have their pay per ad reduced. I’m thinking about uninstalling it for security reasons.

I am a lawyer and personally I do not like to be teased in this way, have you had these bad experiences before too? I’ve only been here for weeks and I think at least the brave team should be clearer with everything that happens. Do you think this is a scam? Is it really safe?

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