Brave is not paying out the total BAT earned

This is the second month the problem has happened. Brave is not paying out all BATs earned. In February I gained approximately 1 BAT but received only 0.5 BAT. In March I gained more than 6 BATs, but I will only receive 3,661 BATs. The remaining balance was carried over to April as if I had won in April.

I am having the same problem bro. I received 6.662 BAT and just appeared that I am receive only 2.643

please @steeven or @Mattches please check this problem for us cause before month my Bat rewards dont came all also. You said that this month all the BAT that didn’t come in the previous month would come and apparently this month I won’t receive all my earnings. I am haviing the same problem with my smartphone, notebook and my PC all having this problem??

I don’t think this is correct. It’s a difference of almost 50% of the BATs earned. This amount was not earned in the last days of the month.

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Let me give my 2 cents here. I have had the same issue 2 months in a row. As you see in my screenshot, I had almost 2 bat on my pc from last month and am only getting .001 payout. Last month when this happened, I had payouts twice. The second came a couple of days after the first. I actually ended up with a bit more than what my estimated earnings were, across my 3 devices. Give it until a few days after the payout and see if you get a second and also see what your payout actually is. Keep in mind that this is my experience from last month and may not be the case for everyone.

and this is my smartphone I passed days and night using the browser brave to receive more Ads I stayed hours wake using the browser

I received 9.756BAT but only gonna received only 5.517

I dont think is not fair

This issue has been reported and the site admins are looking into it: Big disparity between rewards estimate and rewards received

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0.01. Oh wow. that hurts Mr Vader breaths deeply

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Not really. I’ll get the full amount. You just have to be patient.

nah. this happened last month as well and the full amount wasn´t paid.

I got the same problem last month i make 4,107 bat and my earnings when the month end was only 1,03 bat on my PC and still shows me the same quantity of BAT it doesn’t change and when i got on configurations of my rewards doesn’t shows anything similar. if anyone can help me with that problem.

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