Unable to recieve all BAT earned

I just checked my BAT rewards section. I earned a little more than 4 BAT in April, but for payout it is showing -

Your +2.665 BAT April rewards will arrive in 7 days.

Inspite of earning 4 BAT I am only receiving 2.665 BAT. This is 2nd time it is happening.

The rest of the amount is not getting into payout but it is getting transferred in ‘Current earnings this month’.

I am really confused why is it happening.
Kindly inform me what exactly is happening.


The same thing happened to me. The amount of BAT I am set to receive keeps fluctuating between 0.044 BAT and 0.269 BAT.

Screenshot from 2022-05-01 12-29-54

Screenshot from 2022-05-01 12-32-43

It changes to the other almost every time I check my balance. I’m not sure how many BATs I will actually receive on the 8th.

Yes the same to me, earned 6.3 Bats. Receiving 3.525 Bats

I received all my BATs and I’m happy with that. :smiley:

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