Brave is getting heavier, bloated, buggy every new update

With every Brave update, you will find a new bloatware. You find the browser heavier, and less stable. It crashes from time to time.

It started with Brave Rewards. Although it was a forced feature on the user and cannot be permanently disabled or hidden, some people overlooked it, because the browser offers excellent privacy.

Then expand to Brave Wallet, then Brave News, and then Brave VPN.

The browser has become bloated. None of these features can be disabled in the interface, or even hidden. Those bloatware was just making the interface even worse.

At the beginning, Brave performed better than Chrome by a noticeable difference thanks to Brave Shields, but now it does not make sense due to stuffing the browser with bloatware.

Regardless of all this, All the distractions above that were not requested by any user ruined the stability of the browser, it crashes every now and then, strange bugs appear.

We see that developers focus on stuffing the browser with bloatware, instead of improving their worst interface among the all mainstream browsers or solving the sea of ​​issues that are facing their browser!

Please, I am part of the Brave community, and I believe that these decisions will lead the browser to the abyss, to become just an adware browser.


The bugs, crashing, new features, and changes are something I often think about too. Was a very happy bunny back in the days with just browser and creators - everything was nice and clean and the main problem (which was never a huge concern back then) was the occasional glitches with reward payments. But Brave demands a heck of a lot more than basic attention lately not only for rewards but also managing all the issues. It’s nowhere near as fast as it used to be, hogs resources and I notice a lot more pop-up ads are creeping through lately, quite often from articles in the news feed.

Only reason I’m still here is because it remains my best ad free browser experience, and I guess I’m just loyal after all this time… but not complacent! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grinning:

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The rendering engine and improvements thereafter are seperate from the wallet/vpn etc. A clean install of Brave will always outperform a clean install of Chrome, most of the bloat are from extensions. Every extension will add cpu and memory overhead.

Try testing Brave Beta or Nightly, no extensions.

I already disabled all extensions and already use Beta and Nightly :wink:

This is how the developers of Brave have deliberately chosen to get the financial income needed to support Brave.

To maximise that income they are stuffing the browser full of bloatware, Paid VPN, Pay to Remove ads on Brave Search, Brave ads, Pay to remove ads on Brave News, Brave Talk Pay for premium features and more and more

These are just a select few examples.

I will never, ever use any of those features, I always go into Brave Flags and disable everything related to Brave ads, News, Cryptowallets and everything else I will not use.

I understand the developers need money to make Brave financially viable and support develpment.

Consider how much money Mozilla is getting from their deal with Google, if that funding was not available Mozilla’s Firefox would be in even more trouble that it is now.

I agree all this added bloatware has slowed down Brave, even a fresh installation with ZERO extensions Brave is still slower than it used to be.

The fact that if you add more Extensions browser performance will suffer, that same principle applies to added on bloatware.

The more bloatware Brave adds the more Brave will suffer and perform more slowly.

We are seeing very little progress in the development of the Brave Shields, after many, many people asking for more fine grained controls over the Brave Shields and we need other features added to the Shields so the Brave Shields can perform as well as or better than uBlock Origin.

Brave Shields are built into the framework of the browser and due to the way they function they could be POTENTIALLY stronger and more effective than any extension.

But due to the developers cramming in more and more bloatware, the development of the Brave Shields and the introduction of long desired features has been extremely slow.

Brave developers are ignoring what Brave users want and focusing upon montetizing the Browser to the maximum.

To be fair, Brave are a very small newcomer in the market with barely any resources when compared to the industry leaders with infinite resources that are their competition. So I understand the need to monetise to some extent, although I suspect many of us have different ideas on how this could be achieved without affecting the performance of the browser.

Overall I’m still liking brave compared to some different windows browsers, and no it’s not a perfect browser, as I feel as though there currently aren’t ANY perfect browsers out there. I’m currently running two version’s of brave (1) stable version (2) nightly version. Quite frankly at least for me I’m really not seeing much of any difference between the two versions.

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Enabling Fanboy Annoyances in brave://adblock will improve blocking/stats in Brave.

The Brave Wallet using 100% CPU time (on a 16-core) every 30 seconds or so doesn’t help either.