Brave in weird mode

When I enter the URL all I get is what appears to me as gibberish is it in debug mode?
Google(function(){‘fN_9YLjJOs_WtQaMvYzIAQ’,kEXPI:‘31’,u:‘f42c8564’,kBL:‘k8M4’};‘webhp’;google.kHL=‘en-CA’;})();(function(){ var f=this||self;var h,k=[];function l(a){for(var b;a&&(!a.getAttribute||!(b=a.getAttribute(“eid”)));)a=a.parentNode;return b||h}function m(a){for(var b=null;a&&(!a.getAttribute||!(b=a.getAttribute(“leid”)));)a=a.parentNode;return b} function n(a,b,c,d,g){var e="";c||-1!"&ei=")||(e="&ei="+l(d),"&lei=")&&(d=m(d))&&(e+="&lei="+d));d="";!c&&f._cshid&&"&cshid=")&&“slh”!==a&&(d="&cshid="+f._cshid);c=c||"/"+(g||“gen_204”)+"?atyp=i&ct="+a+"&cad="+b+e+"&zx=";/^http:/i.test(c)&&“https:”===window.location.protocol&&(“a”),!1,{src:c,glmm:1}),c="");return c};h=google.kEI;google.getEI=l;google.getLEI=m;{return

Brave Version( check About Brave):
When click about I get
const pageData = {“details”:“Details”,“errorCode”:“ERR_FAILED”,“fontfamily”:"‘Segoe UI’, Tahoma, sans-serif",“fontsize”:“75%”,“heading”:{“hostName”:“settings”,“msg”:“This site can’t be reached”},“hideDetails”:“Hide details”,“iconClass”:“icon-generic”,“language”:“en”,“suggestionsDetails”:,“suggestionsSummaryList”:,“summary”:{“failedUrl”:“chrome://settings/help”,“hostName”:“settings”,“msg”:“The webpage at \u003Cstrong jscontent=“failedUrl”>\u003C/strong> might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.”},“textdirection”:“ltr”,“title”:“chrome://settings/help”}; = pageData;var tp = document.getElementById(‘t’);jstProcess(new JsEvalContext(pageData), tp);

I just downloaded Brave yesterday so I assume its the most recent.

I totally deleted it and reinstalled and the same thing.

Brave Support will need

  • URL address of webpage where you clicked on some button/link for the installer (screenshot would help)
  • Windows OS version

Brave Support may ask:

  • Is Google Chrome installed?
  • Ever install Brave Browser before (and, on same computer)?
  • Did you add any extensions (then or now)?
  • List of Settings that you chose (URL address: brave://settings)
  • Screenshot of what you see when you go to that Settings window
  • What cache and cookie clearing have you performed?
  • Do you use a cache clearing program for your PC in general?
  • What might you have imported during installation?
  • and probably more

IF you are getting a reasonable-looking Settings window (not gibberish), you might try clearing some things:

URL: brave://net-internals/#dns (Clear host cache)

URL: brave://settings/clearBrowserData (Select “Advanced” - then ENABLE all the switches - then click on "Clear data’ button)

Then, quit Brave Browser. Quit everything else. Restart your PC. Try Brave Browser again. Report results.

Wait patiently for Brave Support. (Hat tip: Rethanis)

Just try to your system requirements if you can.

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