Can I use brave for my operating system?

I’m making my own operating system (free and open source) and I was just wondering,
Since Brave is open source can I include it as the default browser? (It’s a linux distro so you guys don’t need to make compatibility spaces if yes)

Hello @Hecker

which distro your os based on it or you mean you just used the linux kernal and built a totally new one

you have 2 option

  1. use same installation way if your os based on any distro on this link

  2. if you just use the kernal and build totaly new distro then build it using the source code from the github

Thanks for the help but 1 i know how to install and 2 I asked if I’m allowed

you welcome aand here is the licence so check it and see if your use case is allowed or not

I can’t find anything that matches my use case

could you explain in details your use case and i will ask @Mattches from the team

please notice it week end so it would take sometime to get response

I would like to include brave browser as the default browser for a Linux distribution I am making and Id like to know if I have permission to do so (Ubuntu based)


Yes it is perfectly fine for your to redistribute and/or use Brave as your default browser, as long as it is not modified. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that if you do go this route it is important to ensure that updates to the browser are made quickly if not using our repos to ensure the browser always has the latest updates and security fixes.

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