Brave fails to start after update

I recently updated brave browser using scoop package manager. It doesn’t run after update. Check Scoop package install script.


Windows Event Log message:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

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Just a question. Why you use Scoop to install Brave? Did the usual installation process (from .exe installer) not working? Seems like Scoop is using the .zip one.

cc @Mattches @Aa-ron @clifton for assistance here.

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I am using scoop because it allows me to track new versions of multiple installed applications and plan deployment of updates.

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While I’m not particularly familiar with “Scoop”, can you try simply re-running the Brave installer so that it will apply the updates directly from our servers?

Scoop install script version was reverted to 1.4.96 which works fine.
If I use download from brave home page it installs Version 1.5.123 which works too.


:point_up: This is the latest stable release – if it’s working, does that mean that I can mark this thread as solved?

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