Brave estimated earnings

Hey for some reason my estimated earnings said they where going to be paid on the 6th of April but for some reason it hasn’t been paid out and the date has changed to the 6th of may and my estimated earnings keep going up? Cheers

We are the same partner, I do not know what happens already on the 8th and nothing that arrives,


Same bro I think brave has become begger as BAT price is so high

Be patient, the payouts are still proceeding:

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Ok but when the creator reward re received

Awesome! I have had a transfer happen since posting this sorry if I seem pushy in any way it’s my first payment using the browser and I am just excited to see how it all works so obviously it takes a few days to process

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Creators payout always start every 8th of the month. You can see April 2021 Creators Payout